Professional Profile

Mark is the division president for ZRGs Orca Talent. This division is focused on Sales Optimization using the proprietary Qsync technology and process.

Mark has worked with global companies, as well as entrepreneurial start up organizations in both the public and private markets. Mark brings over 25 years of experience working with 10,000+ business executives with over 150 global companies.

In his various roles, Mark has consulted with organizations on many ways to optimize revenues and sales force productivity, ranging from 1000’s of equipment sales people and leaders across technology, health care and industrial firms. He has also helped private equity backed organizations design full sales cycles incorporating financing and cost per use programs to engineer successful product launch. His personal view having worked with the best of the best in capital equipment and services has equipped Mark as a valuable resource in the areas of sales talent, sales leadership and ways to optimize revenues.

Previous Experience

Mark has been a successful executive, entrepreneur and strategic advisor proven to grow businesses. Mark has a passion for disrupting technologies and processes that lead to innovative tools for business.

In addition to being one of the founding partners of ZRG Partners in 1999, Mark has founded several successful companies in commercial finance, international executive search, real estate and the healthcare fields. Mark was also the Vice President of Business Development at a technology based venture capital firm.