ZRG Partners Q3 2016 Life Sciences Hiring Index

ROCHELLE PARK, NEW JERSEY (November 29, 2016) – ZRG Partners has announced the findings for the third  quarter Global Life Sciences Hiring Index.  Despite posting a slight decrease over Q2 2016, the index levels posted their second highest hiring levels on record.

Q3 hiring regional has shown the most growth year-over-year in the EMEA region, posting 50% increase over the same period last year.  Outsourcing / Services carried the majority of the EMEA growth for Q3 2016, and posted only sector increase for this quarter.

ZRG European President and Global Practice Head of Life Sciences, Adam El Din commented, “The life science industry continues to be an engine for job creation at all levels of education and across multiple disciplines, with particular need for entry level technicians and managers with advanced experience, especially in regulatory and compliance functions.  The importance given by industry strategic leaders to soft skills was somewhat surprising. Leaders spoke about the needs for candidates who can apply their skills to real world situations, who have strong written and oral communications skills, and who have a market-based mindset vs. an academic mindset.”

David Fortier, Managing Director – Global Life Sciences added, “Given the uncertainty introduced by a U.S. presidential election and continued austerity measures in other parts of the world, it is good to see continued robustness in hiring across most sectors and functions.  Another positive indicator for the industry is the continued investment in R&D.  This commitment to innovation is a longer-term boost to the industry”.

About ZRG Partners

ZRG Partners, LLC is a global authority on talent management in the Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device markets. ZRG provides its clients with specialized global market expertise in executive recruitment, consulting and advisory work with a focus on data and analytics to drive great business decisions.

The Global Life Sciences Hiring Index analysis utilizes a proprietary algorithm that looks at hiring within selected benchmark companies in three distinct segments. The companies in the index generate over $630 billion in revenues and employ over 1.5 million people globally. ZRG Partners conducts extensive direct market research in developing the data that drives the Index.

For press requests or for permission to use this data in other media form, contact Adam El Din, European President and Global Practice Head of Life Sciences in Switzerland at +41-22-319-3304 or David Fortier, Managing Director in the USA at +1-202-525-1341.